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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sandwich Makers Of Soho,

You are using too much red pepper. Take it down a notch. Some of your sandwiches would probably be well-served by having only two or three very tiny slivers of red pepper. The reason to add the red pepper in the first place is to add a stimulating flavor to the existing sandwich. You are currently using an overwhelming amount of red pepper - its taste overwhelms the other flavors, such as turkey, or cheese, or honey mustard. Your red peppers are dominating the flavors of dozens and dozens of other worthy tastes in your sandwiches. Whom are you trying to please with this? How do you want your guests and patrons to respond to these sandwiches? "This sandwich had red pepper"? Or, "This sandwich was very good"? If you want to briefly satisfy the oafs who view red pepper as some sort of low rent status symbol, then by all means, continue manufacturing your little mouth bombs. But if you want to make a good quality sandwich, take what you have learned about the red pepper, and apply it in moderation to your future endeavors. The discerning customer who prefers a spicy red pepper sandwich will be perfectly happy to order one - if offered a choice including a pepper heavy sandwich option tailored to their tastes, they will seek this out. Meanwhile, your other customers, like myself, will be pleased with the more delicate touches your other sandwiches possess. Subtlety is a virtue, sandwich makers, and an economical one. Thank you.

You also have a much rarer problem of a similar nature with vinegar, but once you wrap your head around the peppers, I think you will find the vinegar will start rationing itself. And you're welcome.

posted by Jack, 12/07/2005 01:33:00 PM

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