Thursday, October 20, 2011


Here's another FFF favorite, regarding a funfriends post about Celebrity Bra Sizes:

My first problem with this list is it seems conspicuously inaccurate.
Selma Hayek and Sarah Michelle Gellar wear the same size bra? I don't
think so.

My second problem with this list is only a third of these women are

My third problem with this list is it made me think, however briefly,
about Steffi Graf's breasts.

You need to remember that celebrity women might be radically different
heights without you ever realizing - remember how much smaller Salma
Hayek looked than Penelope Cruz at the Oscars. Also, you have to
remember that some of these women are being sold very differently - for
example, people try to keep Laura San Giacomo's fullness under wraps.
On the other hand, you're right, this list is a bit bonkers. For
example, Jewel Kilcher is only 5'6" - not tiny, but still sized such
that having "D" sized breasts would probably be pretty conspicuous

On a third hand, Laura San Giacomo is only 5'2".

Height shouldn't matter since cup size is relative to band size rather
than absolute. Even if Sarah Michelle Gellar were tall enough that her
breasts were the same size as Salma Hayek's, the smallness of her
magumbos relative to her ribcage would give her a lower cup size.
Likewise, being 5'6" should have no bearing on the conspicuousness of
Jewel's D-sized Tate-bombs.

I encourage you to join me in researching this subject further through
a few more hours of google image searches.


I'm saying that Sarah Michelle Gellar's breasts appear to be smaller
than Salma Hayek's because they are smaller relative to her body,
although they have the same absolute size. Also, cup size is an
absolute measure. A specific cup size indicates a specific amount by
which the circumference of the entire trunk including breasts exceeds
the circumference of the trunk around the ribcage below the bust.

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