Sunday, October 23, 2011

Email, April 14, 2011

Séan wrote:
Here are some flags I drew on the computer:

Irish and Italian flags available on request.


these flags are amazing. what program did you use?


Thank you. I did that American flag in a program called Nodebox, and later rewrote it in Processing because I was having so much fun. The Indian flag was done in Processing, as were the Norwegian and British flags, below. The Norwegian flag also comes with its lesser know war flag. If you inspect the British flag closely enough, you will notice that I failed horribly, and found some rounding errors that I have not overcome to my satisfaction. Further confessions: I undertook the Indian flag because I thought recreating the geometry of the wheel would be a satisfying challenge. As I was measuring the SVG vector graphics image of the wheel from Wikipedia, I decided that another satisfying challenge, and a less time-consuming one, would be to insert the premade SVG rather than an original creation. At that point, the entire endeavor is thrown into question. After all, if I want to see a flag, why not just look at one? If you want to look at something, look at the Mexican coat of arms, because it is awesome.

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  1. i think i like his british flag better than the original.