Saturday, October 29, 2011

On Viewing the Trailer for Big Momma's House 3

me: the lunchroom scene looks the best

Sean: Of many good scenes, that does look especially promising.

me: I also am looking forward to the figure drawing class

'whoops, there it is"

Sean: It's gotten me curious about where they're headed in BMH4.

me: Big Momma finds out she has a twin sister?

the dog needs to dress up like a big momma dog?

Sean: * Record scratch *

Say what?

me: big momma's doghouse

oh, HELL no

Sean: Announcer: This summer, YOU'RE IN THE DOGHOUSE!

Audience: What?

Announcer: Big Momma's Doghouse!

Audience: Oh, I see.

me: Announcer: Sheesh. Not the brightest bulbs.

Audience: What was that?

Announcer: I said... Cheeeeese, not the lightest mulb...

Audience: what is a mulb?

Announcer: Look over there!

Audience: What, where, what is it?

Announcer: Big Momma's Doghouse! It's... Alive!

Sean: Audience: Yes, granted, but I asked you a question. What is a mulb?

Announcer: It's a mulberry if you're cool, which you aren't.

Audience: I didn't pay to be treated like this.

Announcer: Did you sneak in after watching Machete?

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